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Gatsby Paper The Great Gatsby novel centers on three relationships, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan and Mrytle Wilson, and Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker. All of these pairings have had difficulties on being themselves, and how to react with each other. All of these affairs end up fading out at the end of the novel, which also says they weren't strong together.

"Does she want to see Gatsby?" quotes Jordan. "She's not to know about it. Gatsby doesn't want her to know. You're just supposed to invite her to tea." That's how the Gatsby and reunites with his past love from before the war. At the time in their lives, Daisy knows her husband Tom Buchanan has cheated on her, and lies to him saying she is catholic and doesn't believe in divorce (another reason why Tom tells Myrtle why they can't be together out in the open).

The only reason Gatsby invites thousands of people to come over every Saturday to his parties is to impress Daisy of his popularity. After their brief connection, they rekindle their love for each other, and start speaking at a daily rate.

Myrtle is married to George Wilson, but George doesn't have a clue about their romance. Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson meet during a train ride. She was going to see her sister in New York when they shared glances, shared a taxi, and soon hit it off. Tom has always has another woman in the picture when he was married to Daisy, but the only reason she stays with him is because of the money and safety. Tom and Myrtle both virtue their love for each other and understand their feelings and needs. On the other side they are both dishonest people, who neither care of repercussions of hurting their spouses.

Nick Carraway met Jordan Baker unexpectedly during Nick's first experience at Gatsby's party. Jordan, is a self-centered golfer, who uses her pretty face to get things in the world. Nick Carraway, a Yale graduate from Minnesota, moved to New York to learn of the bond business. Nick and Jordan had a romantic relationship, out of three quite a positive one. Once and a while Jordan would make some comments that Nick wouldn't agree about, and that would decrease their companionship.

All of these romances at the end brought us to one specific point, the accident. All of them excluding Myrtle, went out to "town" to hang out, but before Tom went to Wilson's garage to get some gas and Wilson said something very unexpected. Wilson found a dog collar in his wife's drawer. He suspects she is seeing someone, but doesn't know whom. Tom notices that Myrtle is locked up in a room above the garage. Wilson also speaks of moving West; Myrtle's idea. Tom, Nick, and Jordan leave to New York, where he then finds out Daisy and Gatsby are fond of each other. All in an outrage they leave, but coming home Daisy is driving and Myrtle runs into the street thinking it was Tom driving the car and gets hit, and instantly dies. Tom gets the message from Wilson and tells him Gatsby was the owner of the car. Wilson goes over the Gatsby's house and shoots him, then kills himself. In this whole incident, all these relationships break down and die. Tom can no more love Myrtle, because she is deceased. Daisy knows she is now safe because Gatsby took the blame, and Tom shows care for her now, which will probably go away soon as well. Myrtle then asks Nick to come inside and chat at the Buchanan's house, "It's only nine," and then Nick breaks up with Jordan as well.