Gatsby Reinvention

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The clock strikes four and the guests are starting to arrive, and the housewarming party has begun. "Jeeves, open the door" the successful lawyer, Max power requests while taking his greeting position about seven feet from the door in the newly polished and furnished entrance hallway. "Wow...this is...divine..." remarks a female guest in a snobbish fashion. "Yes, that simply MUST be the way to describe...THIS..." answers the seeming husband of the first guest. As the guests look around, Max tries to capture their attention by pointing out miscellaneous flashy objects in the room. Max points out what seems to be an African doll, and gazes at it for a second, as to come up with a last second explanation of what it is, "See this? This is" Max hesitantly continues the explanation, "I got it in Africa, when I was with a tribe of headhunters." The guests, seeming to be bored, appear to want to look around at the house more than the miscellaneous random objects thought to have brought sophistication to the home.

"So, is that banister made of...real mahogany?" asks the husband. Max, cautiously trying not to say the wrong thing, nods. The husband, inquiring more about the atrociously decorated house, asks, "How many floors would a house like...this have?" "Four." "How much did it cost?" "I...umm, somewhere in the...OH LOOK! More guests!" as four or five more guests walk through the door, and Max instantly scrambles into his greeting pose about seven feet from the door, and a little out of breath. "Wu-Welcome! I am Max Power, welcome...chaps, to my wonderful house!" Max exclaims through panting from the quick dash he had earlier made. The new guests seem to be disgusted at the interior décor of the house, and inaudible whispers are heard. "Well,