Gay & Lesbian Lifestyle

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Leading a homosexual life is just as normal as leading a heterosexual one. Although everybody's personal life is very different, there are similarities in everyone's. Whether you are white or black, short or tall, straight or gay, the daily routine is the same. The similarities in leading a homosexual life versus a heterosexual life are vast.

As a straight person in today's society, nobody looks at you as you walk down the street holding hands with you partner. If you were gay, would you be looked at the same? Chances are, you would not be, but the feelings that are inside would be the same. When you meet that someone special and perhaps you are on the first date, maybe the second, one of you reaches over to take the other's hand, all of a sudden your palms get sweaty, your heart skips a beat, and you get butterflies in your stomach.

Sound familiar? Well, whether you are a straight person or gay, you would never know which the author is. The feelings are the same.

Dating, whether you are homosexual or heterosexual is still an exciting experience. You get to go to dinner, movies, perhaps roller skating or bowling. All of these things you normally would not do on your own, but are fun with you significant other. Going to clubs, dancing, drive-in movie theaters and getting together with friends, all of these things are activities that both straight and gay people do.

When buying a car, you test drive it, check the brakes, look under the hood, feel the upholstery, and kick the tires. Both gay and straight people do the same. Searching for a house is a big responsibility for anyone. First, obtaining the financing, then the search. Everybody looks at big houses, small houses, houses with...