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Decades ago, globalization was not a topic of interest for many people or for many organizations. However, in the past 10 to 20 years, the use of the internet and improvements in technology has provided a wealth of opportunity to businesses to expand their operations into other countries. Updates and improvements to international trade laws and the receptiveness of many countries has also aided in the development of globalization both domestically and internationally. Organizations now have a wide range of opportunities in the way they conduct and operate their businesses.

Globalization can be defined in many different ways. People in America may have one definition while people in other countries may have their own meaning. Most people would likely define globalization as the increased integration of markets and expansion of products, services, and workforces internationally. Companies do not solely conduct business or employ workers only within their respective country. As globalization has spread its reach into many countries, consumers within those countries have altered their ways of living and raised their expectations for the goods and services they are willing to purchase.

With globalization, consumers get more variety, better quality, and lower prices." (Daniels, et al, 2007). However, globalization presents challenges and opportunities for both organizations and countries in terms of impacts to cultures, economic growth, and the environment.

As globalization expands increasingly to more countries, the impact has effects on the cultures of the individual countries. As consumers have the abilities to obtain goods and services from other countries, they are also subjected to media and advertising of those goods and services that impact traditional cultural patterns. "Music is increasingly becoming world music. Food is increasingly succumbing to an international cuisine. Clothing styles are becoming a pastiche of worldwide influences. Our heroes are decreasingly likely to be local and...