Gender bias in american courts.

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Gender Bias in American Courts

Gender Bias in American Courts

Jeffrey L. Chafin

Valdosta State University

I have been studying Criminal Justice for three years, and as most people know, the Criminal Justice System is made up of three major components. Law enforcement is the first step in a person's journey through the criminal justice system. The next stop is the judicial system. The final step in the criminal justice system is corrections. In this system the courts are the balance, the justice, and the equalizer of the criminal justice system. Justice is blind, everyone is treated fairly. Unfortunately there are flaws in the court system as there is in anything that human beings have a hand in on.

In 1870 African Americans were granted the right to vote, and only fifty short years later women were allowed to vote. Even today in America we have an African American President of the United States serving his second term in the most powerful position in the world, but we have never truly even had a viable option as a female presidential candidate run for office.

Law enforcement is coming around to women as officers, and they are finally being accepted as equals in the field. Male and female officers are working the same beat and getting the same criminals off the street. Women are not only becoming accepted but even sought after.

Corrections officers are head and shoulders above law enforcement in the hiring and use of women. At the facility I work at there are four hundred fifty workers and thirty five percent of them are women. We have women working in every facet of our facility. We have women as department heads all the way down to food service workers.

The courts are the example of equality in the...