Gender inequalities

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Alexys Hanes

Gr. 8 Mr. Bushnell


Summer Reading Questions

How does the study of fiction and nonfiction texts help individuals construct their understanding of reality?

The study of fiction and nonfiction texts help individuals construct their understanding of reality because, a fiction text can give a reader a sense of how the future could end up being. Almost like a futuristic reality, a lot of fiction books have spaceships instead of cars, houses floating instead of sitting on the ground, and maybe even an alien or two. From the way technology is progressing, I have big hopes for flying cars somewhere in the near future. Realistic fiction is a fiction story that could actually happen. In my case, Copper Sun, was about a girl in Africa having to overcome fears in the case of slavery. Even though her tribe had slaves, they were treated like family. When Amari was taken as a slave, she was treated like anything but.

Unfortunately, slavery was a part of history that if we could go back and change, we would in a heartbeat. You never know, there could have been a girl that Sharon M. Draper describes perfectly, and she went through a lot of the same things that Amari went through. However we don't know that. That is why Copper Sun is a realistic fiction book; it grasps the concept of slavery very well, as well as gives fiction characters their title in the story. Nobody knows what the future may hold, however, we all hope it holds great things. Thankfully, slavery is one thing we have already taken care of. To me, a futuristic reality is not just flying cars, floating houses, and aliens. It's also advancing medicine. Some may say that books with medicine and medical terms are nonfiction,