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My first self income came from a business my cousin and I ran selling refreshments at a gulf course located in West Seneca. It was supported by our parents and we were both very young, I was 14 and my cousin Michael was 12. I loved this business, it was relaxing but it was also a learning process.

My cousin and I would set up shop almost every day during summer break from 8 AM to 3 PM so we would have the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. A lot of the time we would go on days when ever we felt like it, if one didn't feel like going that day we would ask a friend to go with one. We would always load our set-up in our aunts car every night, making sure we have all the supplies for the next day. We would leave the next morning when she leaves for work picking up the ice on the way.

All the beverages would be loaded up neatly in coolers and the chips would stay in their packaging. We would wheel the stuff out onto the gulf course with a red wagon then we would set up in a systematic manor making the merchandise very presentable. Our location was under a giant tree at a key location on the golf course.

After we had set-up we would take turns proposing our product to prospective costumers by asking "would you like to buy a ice cold can of pop", most would spend a buck on our pop and others would just pass. I believe some of the reason the people would pass is because we sold a generic pop called WOP (Wegmans pop) and people might have felt like they were being ripped off.