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Generation Gap The issue of the generation gap has been debated for more than thirty years. It is important that we think deeper into this and look at the children side also. Children in the new generation don't have the same values as their parents have been brought up upon . Therefore if parents wants to embellish friendships and respect and most important discipline. It could be maintained by talking to them and keeping open mind and do not loose control.

Many parents would like to have open relationships with their children. Perhaps many parents can not achieve this because their children may not feel comfortable talking to their parents about problems such as relationships ,peer pressure and what is on their minds. Maybe children do not feel comfortable talking to their parents because society neglects such problems. Generations ago children were conservative and neglected privileges such as dating. Which affects the new generation because they are not use to having such trust.

Parents have to be careful not to totally be their kids buddy ,because they still need to have authority.

Respect is a word everyone would want to have. It is very difficult for children to respect their parents. Many kids find it difficult because parents don't take the time to understand them. For example if children arrive home late parents wont take the time of day to hear their excuse they promptly assume it was done purposely. During the time parents were adolescents if they would arrive home late they would automatically get hit. In many Mexican homes parents believe if children don't obey they should get hit . They believe it might actually make them listen next time. Now days parents may still think that strategy might work and that causes kids do rebel against their...