The Generation Gap

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There appear to be conflicting interests and ways of thinking between parents and children in this modern age. This maybe termed the generation gap. Whereas in the olden days, no such thing existed and nearly all children obeyed their parents to the leter in the choice of employment, marriage, clothing, etc. But today, if the parents exercise their rights to advise and control, the children resent and rebel and deliberately do things to anger and spite the parents.

What are the reasons for such a state of affairs? Perhaps this is the fault of the parents, many of whom pamper their children by giving them too much freedom. When the time comes to curtail or restrict this freedom, they will find it to their regret that it is too late. The children want to exert their independence, even though they may still be dependent on their parents.

Chinese children are used to foreign customs and they desire to be considered sophisticated.

What their western brothers and sisters do, they also want to follow suit. Very often, they are addicted to drugs and other western vices. Sooner or later they will find out to their regret that they have picked up bad habits which can lead them to perdition.

Comparatively speaking, the western children enjoy greater freedom than their eastern counterparts. This maybe due to their upbringing and family education. Besides, some western parents do not live exemplary lives themselves. Very often they marry, divorce and remarry and children of such parents are bound to be problem children. Lack of true parental love and constantly being shuttled from one place to another cannot be conducive to a happy life for them. for such children, the generation gap is bound to be wide and unbridgeable.

Children grow up fast and before...