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Today I'm in hiding in a building because I'm Jewish. Hitler and his Gestapo want to kill all Jews. There for we have to hide. My hiding place is in an addict. On the bottom floor is a bakery were we get food from.

From 8am in the morning to 6pm in the after noon. I must be quiet because the bakery workers might here me and report me to the Nazi's. I brought my cat with me to hiding. Mr. and Mrs. Frank and their Daughter Anne, and my mother and father, Margot. Are living in the addict with me.

We have to rash in our food supply. Mr. Kraler is providing our food and hiding place. Mr. Frank says,"If it wasn't for Mr. kraler we would be out in the Concentration camps already.

I sleep in a small room with my cat named Moushi. Anne sleeps with Margot in anther room together.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank sleep together in an other room. My mom and my dad sleep together. I put my Star of David in the fire and burned it, Anne wouldn't burn hers.

After every meal we burn our trash in the firer. So in case any one suspects we are hiding up here. I personally don't care for Anne Frank she is too immature. I'm forced to see every day. Must of my food left over's go to Moushi. I think hiding is boring you just sit and read, sleep, eat every single day expect for Saturday and Sunday. We are all loud to walk around and talk about.

Anne all ways wants to play with Moushi. "I teller Moushi is a tom cat. Every day we here Nazi's footsteps down the street blow us marching. It frightens Anne and personally I real...