Germany: The country with wonderful cities.

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A feeling of accomplishment can rightfully be taken alone from personal experience and remembrances. I can remember back when I was first travelling, I had no idea where I was heading, but during my time there, I have gotten

a pretty good idea of Germany's sight and position of the old world. When I left Germany three cities in particular stayed in my memories and probably will forever: the city of Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin.

I could not believe the impecable beauty of Hamburg the largest city in the north with 1.6 million residents;the

ancient castles alone the Rhein River, the major inland of the waterways flowing from Hamburg past Colone,with exotic

cathedrals, and one of the major landmarks of Christianity.

The lovely Hamburg is the gateway to the old world and the hand sea attic, for merchant cities, the typical north German gothic, and the concern from prayers of middle age groups, in the mist of the pulse city present, surrounded by fields, meadows and rivers.

As I observed, I came to realize how beautiful this city was and that there could never be another city like this one, except forprobably another city in Germany.

Palaces and Monasteries with extravagant styles left the mark on the city of Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

There is more to Munich's October Fest than just drinking beer; on with the shows, every evening over 500 German stages, with operas, dance and musicals, theater and cabarets, reviews and concerts. I was most impressed with Munich fine arts, highly regarded, popular and classical, old and new.The carnivals in Munich last for weeks and every culture joins in to have a crazy time, and the memories will last us forever.

My third memory of Germany is from a city with the Symbol of...