Gift of a thousand worlds Part 2

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The cop cars came and blocked off the road as Clara and the kids huddled close together. But this entire scene was much different to Lance. For his soul was floating above the heads of the cops watching everything with pure glee. He didn't realize that he had died; he thought that it was a game of hide-and-go-seek and Clara got all the kids at the orphanage to pretend to cry to lure him from his hiding spot. Then a figure appeared in front of him. It seemed to have a shape yet move and change. It raised an arm and with a voice that was loud yet quiet, strong yet weak, it was a voice unmanageable of anyone Lance has ever heard. It said "hi".

Lance being curious why Clara hasn't given up tricking him asked "mister why hasn't Clara stopped trying to trick me?"

The shape answered, "Because you are dead, you shall never return to her or your friends".

"Oh" replied Lance as tears started to swell up in his eyes.

The voice again spoke in its calm manner, "you can stay around her though you can't communicate with her or you may travel around the world."

"Who are you?" asked Lance.

"I am God," replied the figure.

"Sister Catherine said that you would save the souls of the purest heart" said Lance

"And so you are saved" and with that the figure disappeared.

"You saved me from what?" Lance shouted but his voice would fall only on the ears of the dead. Lance wept a bit more for a few days watching Clara and a few other people in black cloth set up his funeral. He wept as his body was placed into the wooden casket, he wept as his body was lowered into the...