Love from the Dark

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Chapter 1It StartsThe place and time of my life is Muncie, IN. The year is 2007. It was a nice day so I decided to wear my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite T-shirt. As I walked home to see Derek at my house for my birthday I could smell popcorn and hotdogs from the neighbor hood cookout. I could hear the crows above me yelling about, like they were fighting over food, and the sound of children's voices filled the air. An old Weeping Willow touched my head and I jumped in fear. My heart raced faster than before. I wished some how I could get home without getting lost or worst, taken by the neighbor hood "gas man". To tell you this I'll have to go back to the beginning.

My life was well thought out for me, my father had everything planned for me, yet I craved for something more worth my time and my talent, something alive, yet dangerous, something untouchable.

A life were I can do what I want, when I want. People have told me that when you turn eighteen you are suppose to do whatever you want, not I my case, my father Edward, would not allow such manners. I am lucky he has allowed me to date the love of my life, Derek. To start things off in the right direction, I have known Derek since I was eleven, so we've known each other for awhile. We actually started dating February 2nd, the night of my high schools Home Coming game and dance, instead of going with my little sisters I stayed home, which of course was were Derek was. My dad dropped the twins off at the high school, and when my dad got home he wanted to...