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Love StoryThis love story of epic proportion dates back to the Dark Ages, when the legendary King Arthur led his search for the Holy Grail. This story takes place right there.

In the cold night in the town of Londinium, the alchemist worked late into the night. He was at his work usually, as he had no friends, just his work and his animals. He was an ugly ogre, he was shunned by all of society, but was tolerated only because of his expertise at his craft. He looked at the bubbling pink potion in his cauldron and dipped the wooden stirrer inside. All that was left of it was the handle. The ogre, Jon Needle, smiled.

For years they had shunned him, but that was fine, as now they would shun him no more, he thought. The potion he had brewed, the Potion of Adoration, was ready. Jon Needle would proceed to pour the potion into every single drinking well of the city.

When all was said and done, well, in the morning, he would find himself being treated like a king by all his loyal and loving slaves. Jon Needle proceeded to pour a vial of the vile potion in the first drinking well.

He was startled by a shout echoing from behind him, “WHAT are you doing here, ogre?!”Needle tossed the vial up into the air and it came down, crashing into his hand. He let out a shriek.

The voice belonged to Helga, one of the village women. She was the most beautiful woman in the town, and Needle wouldn’t be surprised if she were the most beautiful in the world. But alas, whether he had a crush on her or not, it wouldn’t matter, for she treated him like everyone else in the town,