"The Great War of Our Time".

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In the Empirium Galaxy, three hundred parsecs away from the Milky Way Galaxy, laid 50,000 planets. The Empirium Galaxy was made out to three sections, the Boldorian Sector, sometimes called the Outer Rim, and the Caradhas Sector, also called Middle-Galaxy, and the Center-Mark Sector often called the Inner Core. The Outer Rim was where most of the creatures lived and some civilized beings went to lived due to plague, famine, war or any other type of difficulty. Not all the planets in the Outer Rim had been discovered and lived on, that is why some called the Outer Rim the Unknown Realms. The Caradhas Sector and the Inner Core were where creatures and civilized beings shared the planet and usually got along but sometimes every so often there would be battles to solve conflicts. Volaria it was the center of the Empirium Galaxy. The planet was one huge city, there were not any trees on it there were just millions and millions of dull gray buildings stacked, sixty seventy stories up in the skies.

On that one planet lived billions of people. It was the capital of the galaxy where all the galactic meetings were held, before it was blown up in the Volarium War, that took place in between 345-350 of the 23rd age. In that one war billions of people died. That's a devastating amount of people to die.

To get back to the story, one of these 50,000 planets was called Darkus Elfnium. Darkus Elfnium was home for a species called Dark Elves. The planet of Darkus Elfnuim is found in the Outer Rim. Dark Elves are naturally big, strong and very aggressive creatures. The Dark Elves start working out, like running long distances and wrestling at the age of 8 which is very young so...