Gift of a thousand worlds Part 8

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"Who are you?" she asked "You didn't need to do that, I can take care of myself"

"I'm Lance and it didn't look as if you could have left this alley without a bruise or worse without my help." Replied Lance as he headed back out the alley and the girl ran to catch up.

"Are you saying I'm weak!" the girl practically shouted.

"No just that unless you know some self defense that can be used while being tied to a chair, you could have been beaten badly" replied Lance looking at the strange girl closely.

Lance was never around people that much so he wasn't very good at telling people's ages, but he knew that the girl wasn't much older that him. She had short black hair and deep black eyes as alert as a cat's. By the way she dressed, Lance guessed that she wasn't very rich and maybe was an orphan like he once was.

They walked out the rest of the alley in silence. When they neared the street, the girl said, "my name is Elaine and I live over there", she pointed to a building that was strangely familiar to Lance. When he finally decided that he couldn't figure out where he saw the building Elaine was gone. Lance walked down the road to the shed he found outside of the town. It was where he was staying until God called him for a task.