Girls And Their Burdens

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Girls and Their Burdens At the turning point of the century, we think that advanced technology will open a new chapter in human life and, at the same time, close the door of old traditions or rituals of initiations of boys and girls in particular. However, we can't but feel tremble when heard about such circumcision done on girls as Islamic laws and customs. As a matter of fact, "Circumcision of Girls" written by an Egyptian physician Nawal El Saadawi in 1980 reflects a painful reality of cruel belief in Arab culture.

Chi Trinh J. Kenny English 101 September 6,2000 In Saadawi's study, circumcision is the practice known well in Europe late 19th century, the Middle East, some countries in Asia and even Latin America. Arab people believe that circumcision at age seven or eight is a good way to ensure women's purity and chastity by removing parts of young girls' genital organs, which will minimize their sexual desire.

However, this excision is done by Daya, who has the least knowledge of asepsis and inflammatory condition in the operation and thus risking the life of young girls at the time of amputation. The lifelong affects on young girls' psychological and social activities are more painful in the way that they become more frigid. These factors will influence their personality and mental make-up that accompany them into adolescence, youth, and maturity.

The situation is a bit brighter according to Saadawi's statistic. There is 33.8% among educated families recognize the harmfulness of circumcision done on their young daughters while only 2.5% among uneducated parents realize this impairment. The reason is that most of them believe circumcision is good for one's health and is considered girls' honor in the process of purifying. Young girls also have to endure suppression from their upbringing...