Give a detailed Insight into the Police National Computer (PNC)

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1. The PNC is a police database containing criminal histories of all offenders in England, Wales and Scotland. It also contains information from other police forces such as the British Transport Police. It holds extensive data on criminals, vehicles and property, which is accessible in a matter of seconds, through more than 10,000 terminals across the country. It provides dates of cautions, reprimands and warnings, and dates of an offence. The PNC holds several million records at the PNC centre located at Hendon. Through a police national network police forces have complete access to PNC 24 hours a day all year round.


2. Due to the introduction of the new Airwave digital radio infrastructure, the PNC needs a significantly increased capacity to provide for growing demand and the higher levels of expected usage. The PNC provides access to vital information including details of all registered vehicles and their owners eg

* Registration Number

* Make

* Colour

* Chassis

* Engine Number

* Distinguishing features

It also provides facts of convicted criminals outlined under the following fields:

* Name (the one the criminal is known by)

* Real name

* Height

* Approx weight

* Colour of eyes

* Colour of hair

* Glasses

* Tattoos

* Scars

* Warning signals e.g.

do they usually carry firearms

* Previous convictions

* Method of crime (

It holds details of people sought by the people in connection with a crime, or who have been reported missing, or who are disqualified from driving. It is able to give the police a person's description, what aliases they use, known associates, any criminal record and last known address. It can also warn that a person may be armed or violent. Although it can be said that the PNC does as it claims, it...