What Is Global Warming And What Can Be Done To Stop It?

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I think that Global Warming is when rainforests are cut down and when there is so much pollution that the green house effect takes place and the result is Global Warming, which would be the warming of the Earth. To stop it, I think that there must be less rainforests cut down and less pollution made.

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is the warming of the global temperature due to many different things done by mankind. There are too many demands for timber, fuel-wood, and other wood products, which only can be found in rainforests. If loggers use clear-cut logging techniques leaving few trees standing, the exposed topsoil easily washes away and erosion occurs as a result. The reason that the rainforests are not growing back is because of the rainforest's poor nutrients in the soil. There is evidence that proves that the tree loss intensifies the greenhouse effect, when the trees are burnt and decay they release heat-trapping Carbon Dioxide, which results in a temperature increase.

So, the fact is that deforestation causes an immediate impact on local climate in an extreme way, such as, hurricanes, floods, windstorms, and cyclones. Global Warming would cause a universal meltdown, that's why it needs to be stopped.

What Can Be Done To Stop It?

If Global Warming isn't stopped there is a predicted 3 degree Celsius increase in temperature before the next century, which would be 10 to 100 times more rapid than in the last 100,000 years. After the temperature increase, the glaciers would melt, Artic ice thin, and all costal areas would be flooded all around the world. Then not only would those people be deprived of their homes, but their land, and it would cause the extinction of several species. Wetlands and other areas would in...