Globalization, Environment And Justice

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Globalization, Environment and Justice The three words globalization, environment and justice were the first words that jumped out at me. On their own, each one means something important and valuable. I am interested in learning the connections between them and how they relate to each other and the world.

The word globalization makes me think of a world where all countries and continents are connected to each other. People in Africa can get goods and products made anywhere in the world. Communication is open between countries and information travels from one place to the next at a speed never seen before in the past. Basically, the world is no longer made up of separate places that only rely on their own resources to survive.

When I think of globalization I think of the internet especially. People in the United States can turn on the computer and get the latest news in China right as it happens.

News travels faster now than anyone could have imagined even 20 years ago. Language is no longer a barrier between people of different cultural backgrounds. It is the norm for someone from Europe or the US to speak two, three or even four languages. Schools now teach a variety of languages from spanish to latin to sign language. The first time I was even offered the option of learning a different language was sixth grade, only six or seven years ago. Globalization is sharing language, culture, and ideas from all over the world.

The word environment is a little bit harder to explain because it can be used as a broad term or as a more local description. Personally, I would consider my environment to be the city that I live in. Everything that I am surrounded by affects me in different ways...