Godiva Europe Case study

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Marketing Strategy

Godiva Europe Case

Should Godiva International develop a common advertising strategy?

Godiva International seeks to unify its image and product around the world. But there is variation between the image, consumption, and kinds of chocolates that consumers of different countries enjoy. The European market consists of Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Germany. The other two main markets are the United States and Japan.

The chocolate industry in Belgium is unique. Belgian consumers buy chocolates as gifts and for special occasions. They preferring to hand select the assortment. Godiva chocolates are recognized to be one of the more upscale brands, but do not differ much from their competitors. Belgium is Godiva's largest market and is home to the headquarters of Godiva Europe as well as the company's factory.

The French have different taste than the Belgians when it comes to chocolates. Godiva only has a small niche in France, but other Belgian chocolatiers such as Leonidas and Jeff de Bruges have larger market share.

French consumption is very seasonal with 60 percent of all purchases made during Christmastime. Reasons for purchasing are similar to those in Belgium: chocolates are a gift item and purchased for special occasions.

Great Britain has a different climate than other European countries. While assortments of chocolate are valued, the British do not spend money on extravagant items such as Belgian confectionaries. Other countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Germany are either just being introduced to the fine chocolate market or are not interested.

Chocolate is very popular in the United States. Consumers do not typically build their own assortments, but buy chocolates pre-packaged. Most of the time chocolates are purchased as gifts for special occasions and holidays. Godiva has a plant in the United States that supplies 90% of its market share...