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Ms. Penn

English 11, Period 3

September 28, 2004

Summary Writing

In the article The Good Daughter written by Carline Hwang, the author addresses her experience as the child of immigrants and how she was brought up to be American. She had dreams of her own, but her parents had dreams for her too. She had to follow the dreams that her parents had to. They worked so hard to come into this country for their daughter's opportunity. She encountered one day when she went to the dry cleaners, she noticed that the lady behind the counter had the same features as her. She tilted her head forward as a traditional bow to show her that they shared the same heritage. The lady asked her her name, she anwsered responding to "Hwang". The lady corrected her by telling her the correct prenouncition of her name, and told her if she knew how to speak her name.

Once she got to her home she called her parents to ask them why they never taught her to pronounce her name properly, the gave her a simple respond "You are american". It concluded that it was not a big deal to her parents, but for her it was. Her parents were immigrants from Korea. Coming to this country meant having great opportunities. She was born in this country two years later when they immigrated here. Her parents told her that she could be who she wanted to be in this country, she had to take the advantages of what this country provided. She came from a Korean family, but she was American. She felt that she didnt belong in this country but this was the only country she knew. She knew more about Europe then where her ancestors came from.