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Hunting has been a pillar of support over the years for many civilizations. Hunting has put food in the mouths of many people, brought out buffalo robes to cover great heroes, and snuffed out the lives of countless animals. Victims of this brutal sport have no idea of what they might have in store for them, as their innocence is so great. This killing of animals is not a sport.

To begin with, many decades back, hunting was vital. A Native American hunter would not stoop outside his door without a weapon of some sort to help put food in his family's mouth. Civilization would probably not have come this far if hunting had not come along. There is a supermarket or general store in just about every city or town. If someone could not afford this, then one surely could not afford a weapon with which to hunt. Hunting does balance the food chain, but all of civilization seems to be making excuses for itself for the sake of the food chain.

There must be some deeper reason than that.

Secondly, humans have no reason; they have nothing but instinct for survival. An animal would not know if a human were a friend or foe. Innocence envelops them. A gun in a human's hand could be a toy. An animal looks for two things: food and teeth. A human does not have a particularly fierce appearance, and if there is food in their hand, the animal deems them trustworthy.

Lastly, hunting is not a sport. Have human beings stooped so low that a few wasted lives do not matter too much? If so, humans need to learn many things. Animals are killed so a hunter can hang a carcass on his wall and have pride in his skill; moreover, a less cunning, skilled, ingenious, wily creature than himself. Yet people still enjoy this. Perhaps the anguished howl of a dead animal, the death throes of another, or a gunshot is music to their ears. Maybe they should see how it feels to be fleeing for one's life.

In conclusion, hunting has no purpose besides to kill. People are becoming creatures who enjoy killing for sport. Animals are best to hunters pinned on a wall, dead, or dying. Though this may seem stereotypical, it is true. The animals once killed for food are now killed for pleasure. People seem to think that a killed animal does not matter too much, but when a person is killed, it is a heinous crime. And very lastly, people have been degraded to this level by making excuses. Hopefully, someday people will come to their senses and stop this unnecessary killing.