Grapes of wrath

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The American Dream and the hardships of finding it As the Joads leave Oklahoma they must endure the long trip to come.

Many things can go wrong with the trip and many things do go wrong with the trip. Hopes of California may be shattered arrive there. Many people have said " why are you going to California every thing is gone no more land to buy. The Joads did not believe this they thought that the people were lying so they could have more land for themselves.

As the Joads leave Oklahoma they must endure many hardships. The Joads have to put up with many people who criticize them for going west, such as the service attendant. As the Joads drive into the Gas station the attendant asks them if they have the money to pay for the gas they are pumping. Tom gets rather angry at this remark and tells the attendant "why do you stereo type us?" Tom soon realizes, after being shown around the station that the attendant and his family will probably be move soon also because he is in the same situation.

Continuing on the trip they encounter another hardship; the Wilson's car breaks down. This is another large set back for the family because it may split them up. After the news of tom and al staying is told to ma she starts to flip out because she doesn't want the family to be split up. Tom explains that when the get the jalopy going again that they will catch up in no time.

Dreams may be shattered in California. The Joads are moving to California because they heard it was nice, lots of work, land and money.

The Joads start to believe that California is not all that they had hoped for when many more people say that California is far from what they had hoped. Or just brush it aside by saying that they don't want so many people out there, they want more for themselves. The Joads just continue with no more questions until they get to the camp in Bakersfield.

The Joads are bathing in the river when this guy and his son come over. Tom strikes up a conversation with the man and asks him where he is from the man replies that he is from up north and he says that all the land is all gone and that the ranchers own it all. The good farming land is being run over by cattle. The big wig ranchers are keeping all the land and not selling at any cost. Tom asks if anyone tries to steal the land? Yes the man replies the ranchers are so scared of dying that they hire people to protect their ranches for them.

Finding the American dream is more difficult than they realize. They drive so far just to get into trouble. The whole trip isn't how they thought it to be. The original idea was that they would get to California and then out of nowhere they would pass through this gate of opportunity. This is not true at all the harsh reality is that they are one drop in a bucket of water looking for work It is going to be very difficult to find a good job.