The Grapes Of Wrath

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The Grapes of wrath begins with Tom Joad getting out of Jail on parole. Tom soon met up with Jim Casy a former preacher. After Tom had found his family through the help of Jim, Tom decided he would set out with his family to try and find a steady and well paying job in California. As the Joads started out they didn't face many difficulties except for the loss of Grandpa and Grandma Joad. As the Joads pushed on and got closer they started to experienced difficulties, which pulled them apart. Throughout their journey Ma Joad was the main force and backbone of the family who tried to keep the family together as log as she could.

As soon as tom had met up with his folks his mother wanted to know how they treated him in jail and wanted to know if being in jail made him crazy mad.

"You ain't poisoned mad? You don't hate nobody? They didn' do nothin' in that jail to rot you out with crazy mad?"(103). Tom replies by telling his mother the following. "'No-o-o,' he said. I was for a little while. But I ain't proud like some fellas"(103). Ma Joad told tom that she knew of Purty Boy Floyd and how Jail turned him into a crazy mad person. Ma Joad asked Tom this because she wants to make sure that Tom is alright so that he wont try to pull something off that will cause officials to find out that he broke his parole and cause the family to break apart." While the Joads were traveling they met a man Mr. Wilson and his wife Sairy Wilson who was very sick. The Joads struck up a deal with the Wilsons to travel along with each other since they would have...