Great Books Essay

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Great Books Essay

In Pride and Prejudice there are many characters thats could act as a confidant or confidante. Out of these characters the biggest focus would be Mrs. Gardiner. Mrs. Gardiner acts as a confidante to the heroine Lizzy throughout the novel. Mrs. Gardiner is Lizzy aunt but in many ways she acts like a motherly figure towards her. The first example of Mrs. Gardiner as a function in the novel Pride and Prejudice as an important element to the plot .Secondly another function in the novel is that she acts as a contrast to other characters. These character would be Mrs. Bennet and lady Catherine de Brough. Mrs Gardiner has many other functions to this novel but these are the most important to the heroine Elizabeth and how she confides in Mrs. Gardiner and the advise she gives to her.

Mrs Gardiner's first major function in Pride and Prejudice is through her role as an plot element.

Mrs. Gardiner sends back a letter after Lizzy wrote her about Darcy. The letter back to her tells Elizabeth why Mr. Darcy was at the wedding. She told her that he was the person responsible for Mr. Wickham and Lydia's marriage not her uncle Mr Gardiner. Darcy gave Wickham a good amount of money to marry Lydia so the Bennet family would not be as embarrassed as they would be by this incident of lydia running off and eloping with Wickham. By doing this it changed the whole way Elizabeth looked at Darcy and she began to love him. Secondly Mrs. Gardiner was responsible for the trip to Mr. Darcy's home Pemberbley. He was not suppose to be home but as luck would have it he decided to come home a day early. This gave Elizabeth the chance to meet...