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Mrs. Carr

Pre-AP English

9 September 2013

In Warriors Don't Cry, Melba Pattillo Beals uses conflict to help illustrate her bravery and fearfulness.

Beals was very brave while going to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. She went through many awful things, but still continued going to that school even though she could stop. At one point in the story, the president had ordered half the troops to leave. Beals was afraid at first, but remembered the things her guard, Danny, had told her. "A new voice in my head spoke to me with military like discipline…" (Beals 128). Even though Beals had lost her guard, she stood strong and continued through that day, and through the rest of the school year. At one point she is so sad and depressed she "wishes she was dead" (Beals 159). After thinking that thought through, she decides that's a bad idea.

Her grandmother had told her that she is a warrior and warriors don't cry. Beals continues to go to Central High School. She was brave to have kept going to that school where she endured endless pain.

Melba Pattillo Beals was brave to have gone to Central High School, but she was also very fearful at times. The awful things she heard and felt made her fearful for her own life. She was scared of all of the sudden changes in her life. "All my disappointment over not getting into Central High and the mob chase as well as the big sudden changes in my life…" (Beals 44). She was fearful of what was to come and how it would affect her.


She didn't know when or if she would be killed in the days to come. The interviews by the media didn't help her much either.