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Greatness is determined, not by how one handles big obstacles, but rather, how one deals with the small ones. Greatness is a hard concept to understand and a hard quality to attain. Most people succumb to the pressures of the world and do not become great. Small problems of life are just as important as big ones, if not more important, because they determine a person's character and integrity. A person who is good at communicating with others is able to grow and learn a little each time and go on to bigger problems. This is how one grows. Greatness can be defined in many ways.

One example of greatness can be defined by a traditional Chinese family. In a Chinese family, respect for elders and parents is the greatest thing. Even offering your parents napkins while they are eating or asking them if they need anything is important.

This shows respect and reverence. Everyone has big problems but it's the little things that everyone does that determine who you truly are. These little gestures show how each person is truly inside--bitter and selfish, or caring and optimistic.

Another example of greatness is showing that you care about the gift you just received from someone. In my experience, after receiving a gift from anyone, I must always call them or write a card to them saying "Thank you." If anyone did that to me, it would mean a lot to me because I feel that a card has a sentimental value. It shows that the person took the time to go out buy the card, and write a message. I love to make it a habit of buying a card or just giving the person a telephone call.

Showing respect and reverence within a Chinese family is a...