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While working at the brand new Mischels Greenhouse I found out it was different from any other job I ever had. It was one of the most responsible jobs so far of my life. Four thousand lives were almost totally in my exchange sisters, Tanya, and my hands. By us watering them daily. Because it was so hot out-side, the greenhouse was stifling. Watering mums was a very tedious job be-cause it was repetitious. I started daily at 9 A.M. my whole day consisted of taking care of Forty thousand mums. They sat on top of many benchtops col-lecting sun and, heat rays waiting for us to water them. After watering them, John, (My boss), would go behind me and pull flowers. Which means picking out the best plants. Then Tanya and I would pick them up and put them on a rack 5x5 and then shrink wrap them.

Shrink-wrapping was mainly my job throughout the day. I would load an 8 foot tall rack then I would wrap the rack full of mums so the mums would not fall off. Then I would take the palette jack and pick up the rack, and load it into the Ford truck. Loading is hard because I have to make sure they go all the way to the back and to the side of the truck. It can't be one inch off otherwise it could hurt the plants (They could rub together) and the racks wouldn't fit side by side. It's a endless cycle, day after day, until all the mums are gone. When the mums are all gone, it's a glorious feel of relief. All the benches had to be cleaned to get ready for poinsettias. Tanya went back to Belarus to live with her real family so I...