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Grendel Symbolism There are many symbols in "Grendel". Grendel notices the symbols. He has opinions on them. The community is very corrupt. It does not seem like a Christian community because they act like savages. Sometimes that get along but most of the time they fight back and forth. They also drink mead all the time and get drunk. This community does have a lot of noticeable symbols.

The communities values are not good. They do not in any way represent a Christian group. An important symbol that the community shows is how they fight with their neighboring groups. Fighting is a symbol that the community shows. At night they have real battles between each other. They get drunk and then go fight each other. Many of Hrothgars people boast about themselves. They say that they one of them is going to beat the other guy up next time but it never happens.

Most of the men bragged how they won other fights. When the Shaper came to Hrothgars Meadhall and played a song on his harp everyone cried. Grendel cried too but he could not understand why they would cry because they act so bad to each other.

Another concern that Grendel has is when Wealtheow is given to a neighbor to settle something. In a way giving Wealtheow away is like sacrificing someone. He does not understand how someone could just give someone away as a gift. Wealtheow does not want to be with Hrothgar's family. She never adapts to them and stays up at night and weeps. Wealtheow is the only person that Grendel learns to like. Although he never fully loves her because he also can't stand her. This is a very important symbol in the book "Grendel".

Both of these symbols tell me that a group can not always get along with each other. These groups are Christians but they don't act like it all. They drink and fight and don't think anything of it. These groups show Grendel how most humans are. Grendel learns that humans just get along and he gets sick of them.