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Wayne Gretzky a Canadian professional hockey player, who we called the "great one", has set records in goals, assists, and points. He played center for the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL, and he has led the Oilers to four Stanley Cup championships. A great scorer with great skating abilities and great passing skills, Wayne Gretzky has set more than sixty NHL scoring records during a twenty-year career that went from 1979-80 through the 1988-99 seasons. Throughout that time he wore jersey number 99. His accomplishments earned him the name of the greatest hockey player that ever lived.

Wayne Gretzky was born in Brantford, Ontario on January 26, 1961. His parent's names are Walter and Phyllis Gretzky. Wayne has three brothers: Keith, Glen and Brent and one sister, Kim. He started skating at age three. At age six he was skating against 10-year-olds. At the age of 11, he scored 378 goals in 69 games, soon after he was signing autographs and screening phone calls from national magazines.

He went from being a simple boy to being one of the best players on the ice in only three or four years. His first professional team that he was on was the Indianapolis Racers at age 17. At first he signed a contract for 100,000 dollars and a 250,000-dollar bonus. Soon after the Racers went out of business. He was then traded to a NHL team called the Edmonton Oilers in 1978. Even though he was very small for one a player on a NHL team he was still one of the best players on the ice.

Playing with the Oilers. His first year playing for the Oilers he won the MVP award. He also got his 1st Hart Memorial trophy and the Art Ross trophy that year. He also became the all time leader in points. (Goals and assists combined). He won the Stanley Cup four times while playing with the Edmonton Oilers. He was traded to the Las Angeles Kings in 1988 after playing ten years for Oilers for ten years.

Playing with The Kings. Wayne helped the kings in both play and in financial aid. He led the Kings to their first Stanley cup in 1989.The Kings lost that cup to the New York Islanders. In 1995 Gretzky was traded to the St. Louis Blues. Gretzky's stay with the blues was very brief and only played for one year. In 1996 he was traded to the New York Rangers. Wayne Gretzky retired in 1998.

One of Wayne Gretzky's achievements is that he won the Hart trophy nine times. He also won the Ross trophy ten times, and the Conn Smythe trophy two times. He also won the Lady Byng trophy four times.