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COMPARE TWO BIOGRAPHIES OF WAYNE GRETZKYIn this essay, I need to compare two biographies of a famousperson. I will plot out the ... the all-time NHL scoring recordin 26 seasons and got four Stanley cup in a row from 1984-1988. He isWayne Gretzky, the most brilliant and talent hockey player in thiscentury. I chose the 'Gretzky and ... and 'Gretzky with Rick Reilly.The book 'Gretzky with Rick Reilly was an autobiography. It showedhow Wayne Gretzky from his AHL to a famous NHL player. In this book,there were a lot of Gretzky's childh ...

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Battle of the Sexes, who is more superior , man or woman?

he womens side.What is the first thing that comes to your head when you hear the word hockey? Is it Wayne Gretzky? Or maybe the Edmonton Oilers. One thing that you definitely don't see is a pack of wo ...

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Why golf isn't a sport.

greatest athletes of all time, and they compare him to players like Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, or Wayne Gretzky. These true athletes to whom he is being compared have gone out every game and played ... e rest of the defenders out on the court who would do anything in their power to stop him. Finally, Wayne Gretzky had to dodge the players that were 2 and 3 times bigger than him coming at over 30 mil ...

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Canadian Sports in the 21st Century

in sports and the will to perform to the best of their abilities. Barbara Ann Scott, Terry Fox and Wayne Gretzky are all great examples of athletes that have the heart to become the best that they ca ... Fox Run in honour of the heroic boy who tried to make a difference.Although not as heroic as Terry, Wayne Gretzky is by far one of the best athletes in all of Canadian history. Gretzky dominated the N ...

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A Case of Athlete's Foot

not miracles. I'm not taking away from the magnificent athletes that achieved these lofty records (Wayne Gretzky, Barry Bonds, Wilt Chamberlain, and Emmitt Smith respectively), but these should not b ...

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Biography of Wayne Gretzky (Basic 2 page typed biography)

Biography-Wayne Gretzky As we all know, Wayne Gretzky has been one of the most influential and well kno ... ements were no easy task, for they have led him on a journey of twists and turns and ups and downs. Wayne has managed to beat the odds and succeed in a very successful career. Born January 26th ... out three years old. His father, Walter- a former amateur hockey player, dedicated himself to raise Wayne with . Flooding the backyard and stringing lights so the young Gretzky could skate at night sh ...

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Wayne Gretzky - The Great One

The Great OneSection A1. SummaryWayne Gretzky grew up in Branford, Ontario. When he was just three, his father made him an ice rink ... kyard. Gretzky was only seven years old when he scored more than three hundred goals in the season. Wayne Gretzky loved hockey and made it his life. His talent, diligence and perseverance got him into ... trophies, he also received the Order of Canada. When we think of hockey we think of The Great One- Wayne Gretzky!2. A. DiligenceWayne Gretzky was not only talented but hard working too. When Gretzky ...

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This essay is about Heroes and what a hero is and what heroes do. This case, athletes. If athletes are heroes.

ome aren't. I will focus on the ones that are heroes. Examples of athlete heroes are Wayne Gretzky, Mario LeMieux, Gary Roberts and lots more of athletes. These people are heroes becaus ...

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Origin of Hockey

n alive. The majority of Canadians will have some knowledge of the game's greatest players, such as Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Mario Lemieux, and Maurice "the Rocket" Richard. Most Canadians will also ...

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Sports Violence: Should It Be Eliminated?

d enforce the unwritten rules of the game such as in hockey where it is not right to fight or hit a Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux type of star player. This type of player is known as an "enforcer" an ...

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Hockey's Influence on Canada- A 5-page essay on the impact the game of hockey has on Canadian culture...

od at what we do, and that's why hockey has been incredibly important in our society. For instance, Wayne Gretzky. Born in Brantford Ontario, he is well known for his record-breaking all time point re ...

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Rebuttal Essay to Lawrence Solomon's Article "To Have or Have Not: Poverty is Really a Matter of Choice"

rty is diminishing. However, this may not be true when we consider that the father was someone like Wayne Gretzky. There would be a next to impossible chance of the son living up to and surpassing the ... surpassing the legend of the Great One. Although if the son became half the legend that his father Wayne Gretzky was; he would still be an extremely rich, respectable and successful man. On the other ...

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The Sweetest Moment!

Taught by his father, Walter, Wayne Gretzky was a prodigy. At 6 years old he was skating with 10 year-olds and he scored 378 goals ... in 85 games. This was when the first story on him was ever published in the Toronto papers. At 14, Wayne played against 20 year-olds where he not only left his hometown to further his career but also ... ete strangers who they had never met to be his legal guardians. He soon signed with his first agent.Wayne played one year in the Ontario Hockey League at the age of 16 with the Greyhounds, where he be ...

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Wayne Gretzky

e rules, they can change the equipment, but there are only few who could change the game they play. Wayne Gretzky was one of these few athletes that change the game of hockey forever. There is no one ... tzky accomplished the same feat in only 39 games. The Greatest Canadian sports figure, no doubt, is Wayne Gretzky because of his qualities on the ice, statistics, and his many other accomplishments.Wh ...

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you're going to play dirty too.Sportsmanship is the number one rule in sports. I think people like Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan are good examples for young sportsmans. They are good examples beca ...

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Andrew Carnegie- Persuasive

e people. Would an actor be great without an audience to enjoy it? Would anyone even care how great Wayne Gretzky was to hockey, if there weren't any hockey fans? Now would a business entrepreneur bec ...

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Profile: Hockey - AP English

When the Puck Drops I remember watching center Wayne Gretzky gracefully shred down the ice along side allies and enemies alike as I sat low behind ...

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Wayne Gretzky a Canadian professional hockey player, who we called the "great one", has set re ... ur Stanley Cup championships. A great scorer with great skating abilities and great passing skills, Wayne Gretzky has set more than sixty NHL scoring records during a twenty-year career that went from ... ey number 99. His accomplishments earned him the name of the greatest hockey player that ever lived.Wayne Gretzky was born in Brantford, Ontario on January 26, 1961. His parent's names are Walter and ...

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