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Growing Up, Finally As I embark upon this journey of acquiring a Bachelors Degree at the University of Phoenix, I expect that it will help me to grow up. I have many skills relative to computers, yet lack the business sense and maturity to present myself credibly in a corporate atmosphere. I expect that I will polish and strengthen some specific skills during my college education. Foremost would be presentation ability, then effective organizational skills, and finally some good old-fashioned class. You might think that last one is not your common reason for going back to school, but it should be. Some of these skills will be directly addressed in the curriculum and others will not. Allow me to explain how I intend to improve myself in these 3 aspects.

Presentation skills are essential and I've learned that the hard way. I work for United Parcel Service in the Technology Support Department.

Once I was speaking with a supervisor who was asking if anyone had some requests or suggestions from the members of our department. Everyone was caught up in a moment of awkward silence as the supervisor looked from one blank expression to the next. I figured that this was a great opportunity to present a couple of good ideas that I had. I seized the moment and immediately started rattling off a slew of ideas and the reasons why they would benefit the department. Being a computer geek, my laundry list of suggestions was riddled with technical descriptions and broad assumptions of my supervisor's technical knowledge. I had assumed too much, and visibly made him nervous, so he turned to immediately shooting down whatever I had said with quick technically inaccurate reasons. I had a classic problem with not knowing my audience and presenting the ideas in...