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The Guardian In chapter 19 of Great Expectations a character that Pip has briefly met before mysteriously reappears. Mr. Jagger, the enigmatic man, finds Pip to inform him of his acquired great expectations. He is a man of business and reveals no more than the essentials of what he knows about the unexplained fortune coming to Pip. From the décor and behavior in his office the reader can see that Mr. Jagger is an intimidating, feared man in his society.

The contents of Mr. Jagger's office illustrate his personality. The rusty pistols in his office reveal that he has not much use for protection. He does not carry around a pistol, even though he lives in a bad part of London because he is confident that no one will try to mug or harm him. Pip also describes an oil slick around the room that is there because people usually do not get to close to his desk and end up backing up against the wall.

There are also two casts hanging on the wall of people with unattractive swollen faces. These casks are of two dead clients that were hung. The masks reveal that Mr. Jaggers is a threatening man, and finds pleasure in the harm of others when it is on his own account. His chair is made of horsehair, which is not comfortable. It shoes that he is not interested in being personal, and is all business.

Mr. Jagger's attitude towards everyone in the office is a cruel business like manner. He is insistent with everyone that they pay their wemmick. Two women come to see him about their friend or relative, Bill. They thank Mr. Jagger a great deal for helping them, but Mr. Jagger is all of business and says if they don't leave he will make an example out of all of them. Mr. Jagger is also cruel to his clerk, Mike. Mike does not find the type of witness that Mr. Jagger is looking for, so Mr. Jagger becomes agitated and furious at Mike. He also is very straightforward and does not reveal anymore to Pip then is necessary. Mr. Jagger knows all about Pip's great expectations, but is strict with Pip in the situation. He tells Pip the rules of him getting the fortune, and warns him not to try to enquire any more information about the fortune.

Mr. Jagger is an intimidating man. He is feared by most people, and never worries that anyone will ever try to harm him. He does not care about others emotions, and is only worried about his business and money. With Pip he keeps thing on a business level, and does not care to become personal. Though everyone fears him, he is highly respected and well known for his great work.