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I. Chirstie, Agatha. HALLOWE'EN PARTY. New York, New York: The Berkley Publishing Group. 1969 II. The conflict in this book is a man vs. man conflict. The conflict is a girl is murdered at a party and a detective is tracking down her killer III. The main character is Hercule Poirt. He feels very tired and confused. He's determined on finding this murderer. His motivation is to see justice served and a killer put behind bars. Hercule is very proper and well mannered. You can tell that he's proper and well mannered by the way he dresses and carries himself. He thinks of himself as clever and well mannered. He always treats others around him with respect and courtesy.

IV. Mrs. Adrian Oliver is a mystery story author. She feels that if she doesn't know a person it's easier to write about them. Mrs. Oliver is more judgmental about people that Herucle is.

She loves apples. Michael Garfield is a garden designer and an artist. He stays mostly in his garden and spends a lot of his time with a young girl, Miranda. Michael is very smart and very talented. He's very popular with the women, because he's clever and handsome.

V. This story took place in an English town near London. The month is October and Halloween is right around the corner.

VI. The point of view is in third person. You can tell that it's in third person because it uses he, she, ECT"¦ VII. It was Halloween day and every one was getting the house ready for the party. Mrs. Oliver was helping put pumpkins all around when a Joyce came up to her and said ", I've seen a murder before." No one believed her.

After the party was over Joyce was discovered drowned in the tub used for bobbing for apples.

Joyce's brother is found in the forest days after Joyce was killed drowned just like his sister. Miranda becomes missing on a trip to London.

Miranda is found in the forest with Michael. Michael was about to sacrifice Miranda because it was her fault that Joyce got killed. Nicholas Ransom saves her from Michael. Michael is put in jail for murdering Joyce, her brother and two other people.

VIII. Don't boast about things you have, things you've heard and seen.

IX. "I saw a murder once," Joyce said. This statement made me think that Joyce was a liar. "If I go away from here, there are some things that I want to remember. Miranda is one of them. This made me wonder why he wanted to remember Miranda so much. "I was looking for the well, really," I wondered why she wanted to find this wishing well so badly.