Halloween The Un-holiday

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Halloween the Un-Holiday As a child Halloween was one of the most exciting nights. It was the best night of year, well besides Christmas Eve. I loved it, heck I still love it. The preparation that took place before Halloween was incredible, I began planning out my costume and what I wanted to carve into the pumpkin long before October even started to show signs of its arrival.

The original costume I had planned upon was never the one I actually wore. When the big day finally came around. My ideas were always too complex or I just found something better. I've always tried to stay away from the stereotypical costumes such as Dracula, Ghosts, and other commonly seen creatures of the night. I always tried to go for the costume I knew no one else would have, and if they had the same one, mine would be better.

I did dress as a ghost once and a clown as well but I was too young to have any control over my appearance, as these boring costumes were chosen by my mother. Even today costumes are the part of Halloween that I enjoy the most.

The Candy might be another part of Halloween that I love. We were always told to let our parents check our candy before eating it, but I wasn't stupid. If I had a chocolate bar with the wrapper intact I would scarf it down, I'd wait till I got home for stuff like candy apples and other home made horrors. Plain potato chips are the worst thing to get on Halloween. They take up too much room while they don't build up a great amount of weight. This tricks you into carrying on to the next house because your bag is still light,