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Hamlet, the central character, has been analyzed and criticized for centuries. His complex character has given way to numerous variable interpretations and psycho profiles. He's open to different, yet possible explanations of his character. For example, one might view him as piacular and petulant, whereas another might see him as pragmatic and rash. However, there lies one clear consensus: Hamlet's character is by no means heroic through his actions to revenge his father's death. One may be fooled by Hamlet's justification that this is God's will and that he's bringing justice to Demark. This is blasphemous. Revenge, violence, anger, and hate"”actions taken by Hamlet on account of God's will--directly goes against specific preachings in the Bible, thus feelings of sympathy for Hamlet and his tragic death are misconstrued.

The revenge theme effulgently circulates throughout Hamlet providing"”not only enticing plots"”but also a reconsideration upon misinterpreted and misguided assumptions about particular Christian ideologies, which contradict prominent themes presented in the Bible.

Hamlet is stuck between the contradiction"”kings must not be killed but in certain cases kings must be. He's emotionally tossed into an ethical dilemma whether the ultimate action to kill Claudius, enjoined by the Ghost, a religious or political goal, in which he is to be God's advocate in cleaning out the corruption in the court of Denmark or whether he's in misguided faith, allowing a personal vengeance to become a motive for the assignation of Claudius. Hamlet's fervid expurgating actions towards King Claudius provide an ample example of this non-ratiocination of Christian teachings.

In Romans 12:19, in the New Testament, God proclaims that "vengeance is mine" and "for either thou shalt won him with thy benefit, or else his conscience shall bear him witness with God's burning wrath hangeth over him." Thus, vengeance is left in the hands of God,