Hamlet: Horatio's Speech to Fortinbras

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Sir Fortinbras and noble knights of the army of Norway, I stand before you today to tell a tale of a martyred hero to whom we must remember. Hamlet be thy name. He was a friend and a leader. About eight months ago Hamlet was distraught, I'd never seen him like this before. He had a good excuse, I mean his father had just died, his mom, god rest her soul, remarried not even a month afterwards. Hamlet's affair with Ophilia was dwindling in his giant fire of emotions. Ophilia was the kings' servant's daughter. The king's servant was Polonious. Polonious did not want Ophilia with Hamlet, nor did Ophilia's brother Laertes. Hamlet was under a lot of pressure, but it wasn't until a few of the guards and myself saw a ghost whom we believed was Hamlet's deceased father. This was the point of all of our lives were you either take one path or the other each leading you in a total different direction.

Hamlet went to the guard tower with us the next night and reasoned to our favor that the ghost did in fact perpetuate the look of King Hamlet. The ghost made a follow me motion to Hamlet and we grabbed him. Please do not follow Sir Hamlet, I pleaded. The spirit was insistent and Hamlets gut instinct drove him to follow the floating omen. I know not the exact words that the ghost spoke that night but from what I understand, he was back from the dead to inform his son that he had not died from the rumorous snake bite which had been presumed. King Hamlet's brother, the current King Claudius, had murdered him while he lay in the garden by pouring poison in his ear. The ghost also informed...