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Subject: /Uploads/Random5 Grade: Views: 82 Title of book- Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Introduction: I am writing my book reports on the Harry Potter series. The Harry Potter series is about a boy whose parents died and lives with his Aunt and Uncle. All his life he lived with them being treated like dirt and never knowing exactly what happened to his parents. He was always told that they died in a car crash but what really happened was that the Dark Lord Voldemort killed his parents but failed to kill Harry. Then one-day letters started coming in for him inviting him to attend school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His Uncle Vernon didn't let Harry read the letters for fear that he might find out what he really is, the most well known and respected wizard of his time. He is the only wizard to ever defeat the wicked Lord Voldemort.

Then, at a last attempt to stop the letters from coming, Uncle Vernon moved his family and Harry to a small shack on top of a little island out at sea. But one night, a giant man named Hagrid busted in and took harry off to get his supplies for school. Each book is about a year in his life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In each book, there mission is always the same, to stop the evil Lord Voldemort, but they are always running into little problems that make each year at Hogwarts different. This report is about the last few chapters in book one. Three Main Points: - Harry, Ron, and Hermione are trying to stop Professor Snape from getting to the Sorcerers stone and drinking the Elixir of Life that will make him live forever. - The three think that Professor Snape is the one who is trying to bring back Lord Voldemort, but its really Professor Quirrell - And Harry has to find a way to beat the Slytherins in the race for the House Cup. Hagrid told Harry that the only way that he and Hermione where going to get past his three headed dog Fluffy, was to play music for it. So Harry used Hagrid's old flute and as he continued to play, the dog slowly began to fall asleep. When Ron, Harry, and Hermione opened the trap door, they found that it was a big empty hole that they had to jump into. Harry volunteered to go first. He jumped and it seemed like he was falling forever when he landed on a big fluffy cushion. He shouted up to Ron and Hermione that it was ok to jump. Ron went next and then Hermione. But as they tried to leave, they found that the plant was actually a Devil's Snare and small tentacles were tightly holding on to all of them. But, Hermione remembered that it likes the dark and it hates heat. She used her wand and set fire to the plant, causing it to release them and pull away. As they traveled along the tunnel, figuring out and conquering each obstacle, they came to a giant chessboard. They figured that they had to play so they took the positions of three different chess pieces. As they continued to play, Ron got smashed and dragged across the board, taken by the King. He only looked knocked out, but he looked bad lying next to the pile of black players. Since it was their turn, Harry moved three spaces to the left, winning the game. The white King took off his crown and threw it at Harry's feet and stepped off the board. They could now move on to the other room. When they entered, a horrible smell filled their nostrils. They both saw a massive troll with a bloody lump on his head lying in front of them. So they moved on to the next room. I think that when they get there, they will see Snape and Voldemort trying to get past the next obstacle.