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The bell rang at five past twelve in the afternoon of the last day of term. Crowds of rushed students rammed their way throughout the narrow doors standing in their paths. I was being shoved and pushed around by seniors in year 12, eager to go to their last lunch of there schooling career. After a mere thirty seconds, everyone was out, people headed to the new basketball courts whilst others went and played handball. I on the other hand had a meeting with the principal.

The glossy red note had come in from the skinny office boy at around eleven fourty five, halfway through a dreary period four. As it was handed over clumsily to the mono-toned teacher, students began questioning who was "it". The red note was normally a note that requested a student immediately go to the principal, often for a detention but on this occasion it was different.

"Tim, principal office after period" said the teacher in a questioning tone.

The class became noisy as death stares were received and people began "oohh"ing. I was in a sense of confusion and began asking questions to myself. What had I done wrong? why would I talk to the principal? is it because of yesterday? misbehavior in assembly? Chills of daunting thoughts were sent down my spine as my pores on my forehead released water.

I made my way up the slanted slope of moist grass, my black school shoes absorbing the water and making the colour glow. I twisted and manoeuvred my body so that it was able to fit through the tiny gaps in between the oversized cars which the staff used. I finally arrived to the general office, a big building with paint falling off the walls surface and tiles beginning to detach from the roof. I pushed the heavy door forward as I made my way down the corridor. It was relatively modern inside, students paintings were hung onto the walls and the ordinary whiteness provided a spectacular background for the works.

There I passed the print room which was filled with loose A4 sheets of paper, four photocopies and a table surrounded by eager students wanting their prized possession, a bus pass. I slowly moved on as my head ducked out of the room and into the deputy's office. There was Mr Mc Naught sitting at his overcrowded desk with his head down furiously typing on his keyboard. I said a quick hi, before leaving and moving onto the next room. By this time, my nerves had grown as I didn't have any idea why I was seeing the hated principal. I popped into the clinic were my mate Tozzy was there. It was not long before I was asked to leave as the clinic by one of the staff who had to patch up his blood soaked leg.

I finally arrived to the principal's office and knocked three times on his hard wooden door.

"Coming in" Mumbled the principal.

I made my way inside and sat down on the large recliner in front of his desk.

"Sorry to keep you long but I have a few forms for you to fill in"

"Yes sir" I replied in a scared tone.

I began filling out the forms, they were blank heading forms with normal details such as name address etc. After a few minutes I handed back the paper and asked him what all the fuss was about.

"All this fuss Tim?" questioned the principal

"No sir, I meant the paper work and stuff" I said cautiously

"hasn't anyone told you yet?"

"Told me what?"

"Tim during the past terms you have been trying to represent our school in the amateur NBA correct"

"yes sir"

"well you have been chosen as first draft for the La Lakers"

At that point my heart was pounding, my life dream had come true. I had just been selected to play for...