Hawaii And The Pacific In The Flesh

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December 1, 2000 Hawaii and The Pacific In The Flesh Today when we go to watch a movie, nudity is something we have come to expect. Although society has come a long way in what we feel is exceptional to see on film or television, the exploitation of native people can still be found, as it was when it was prominent before the eighties.

Throughout this course we have watched how the natives of the pacific were portrayed as highly sexually motivated people. Hollywood shows this by exploiting the native flesh. In all of the films that we have watched we have seen how the foreign men come in their ships and are greeted by natives. The native men approach the ships in the canoes and then the women jump off the canoes to greet the foreigners. It is as if the native men have no care that their women are going to engage in sex with these strange foreigners and even worse is the way the women are the pursuers of these men.

It is almost made to look as if they are attacking these ships for sexual contact with those on board. The reaction of the white women on these ships, I presume, was the reaction of the audience that watched these movies in their time. The women look disgusted and feel that they have to educate and teach these women to know "better". Houston Wood, points out these facts by reviewing Captain Cooks notes of Hawaii. Wood writes " Cook conceived of the inhabitants of the village as exclusively male, and so categorized the women with hogs. These animal-like women, he concluded, "˜came with no other view', than to have sex with his men."(103) The Polynesian society as Hollywood portrays it, is a mans paradise. In this...