Health and human services launch plan and budget

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Final Project205 1

Human services Final Project

DawnMarie H. Alexander

Axia College University of Phoenix

HHS-205 Health and Human Services

Victoria Spearmen

Aug 30, 2007

Final Project205 2

Statement of Opportunity

The opportunity to generate double revenue by bringing high quality M.R.I services to the patients, thus servicing more patients will off set costs and eventually increase profits.


Our competition offers M.R.I's at a lower cost at the same time the M.R.I's are cheap and not of the quality offered by our organization. With the broad base of both managed care as well as Medicare clients the need is evident. There is demand for these services in the area; at the same time when clients need M.R.I services they are not generally able to get around due to injury. Taking the M.R.I to the client gives the client more comfort while bringing us a broader range of clients who need this type of service.

Our revenue comes from our patients and our patients seen will double. This will off set the costs we will incur.

An administrator who can see the advantage of this opportunity is vital in turning this challenge into an advantage for the organization. With competition closing in undercutting prices we must address the situation and provide services that are not available from others. This organization is able to offer M.R.I quality second to none. The administrator who can appreciate our strong abilities, at the same time work on the weaker areas staying on the cutting edge to stay ahead of others in the services provided will see this vision for the opportunity it is.

Our organization stands out with services that are second to none. This point is going to be very useful in attracting qualified staff to join us in our mission.

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