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HEALTH REPORT Health is the state of fitness of the body or of the mind. Health is usually determined by your lifestyle. If you choose a healthy lifestyle your body will be in good shape, and your muscles will be firm. If you choose a bad lifestyle your body will be in very bad shape.

Food and nutrition play major roles in everyones life. If you don't get the right amount of nutrition your body won't function right.

Your body won't produce enough energy. Your eating habits should be good. If you don't eat the right foods your body will be weak and tired.

If you don't have good eating habits you won't have enough energy to go and play sports, or any other activities.

Weight control is a very important part of a person's health.

People with bad eating habits are the ones that this usually happens to.

Most of them eat too much of the wrong foods.

This causes them to be overweight and very out of shape. Then these people try to go on diets and not exercise.

That means that they won't get enough nutrition. Then there are the people that always try to stay thin. These people don't get the right amount of nutrition to keep their bodies functioning right. If your body won't function right you may become very sick. Sleep and rest play a big part in a persons health too. When you don't sleep your whole body will feel very run down and out of energy. A virus called Mono is sometimes called by not getting enough sleep or rest. When you get Mono your Immune System, which is what fights away viruses, is very run down and vonurable to other viruses. Because of this you may catch other sicknesses easily. Mono...