Heart of Darkness

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Adelita Lopez

Joseph Conrad's, Heart of Darkness is a literature piece which expresses and reveals the true face of "civilization". Throughout this novel Joseph Conrad expresses his thoughts, I believe, through Marlow. Marlow is Joseph Conrad himself, but in the novel. Kurtz represents Imperialism and greediness without limits. The relationship that the author and Marlow share is one that is bound together throughout the whole novel because they are one in the same person. Throughout this novel Marlow is speaking Conrad's words. Marlow or Conrad truly believes that Kurtz was a corrupt figure; although they do admire him for his strong grip on his belief they pity him because of his ideas and the greediness which led to his death and corruption. Marlow, in comparison to Kurtz can be viewed, as the truth. Unlike Kurtz Marlow did see his limits. Marlow was able to distinguish where he as human, had the power to control over another human, that's why Marlow didn't really try to stop or fight against what Kurtz was doing.

Through the writing of Joseph Conrad we are able to see the hypocrisy that "civilization" plays. This novel is darkness itself -the heart of Kurtz, the territory at which they are located, Kurtz' helpers, all represent the darkness that the author refers to throughout the entire novel. We clearly see that the only reason Kurtz went out to the "Darkness" of the African wilderness was, "To make money, of course. What do you think?"- as he responded to Marlow. (23) Marlow (Conrad) did admire Kurtz at first, before ever meeting him. In page forty-seven, of the novel, when Marlow finds out that Kurtz is actually dead he says, "There was a sense of extreme disappointment as though I had been striving for something altogether without a substance."...