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Ke'Arah Williams

English 101-07

09 March 2014

Midterm Essay

The main parts made by the author in the essay were how college freshman are increasing overwhelmed, more college students need help thriving on campus as well as in life, and the consequences students face in life.

Most freshman seemed to get overwhelmed by the tests they take in different classes and over-supportive parents. Most students come to college thinking it will be so easy to juggle homework, school,work and for some a semi healthy social life. But it all seems to change once they actually get into college. students sometimes need help staying focused and thriving closer to their goal while in college. being able to juggle life problems such as work and family. Also school stress such as homework, having a social life, and just dealing with the different people that comes in and out of your life.

But if you can manage your time wisely so that you are not so stressed out can have some serious consequences behind them before and after college.

The primary problems that students struggle with after they enter college are the same students in high school had "helicopter parents" which made it extremely hard for the student to transition from high school to college. Another problem is brought on to students because they are stressing over loans and their jobs. Also being able to keep up with school academeically.

The situations the student face in the story "Help First-Year Student Help Themselves" are similar almost the exact same problems I face. The problem or sitituations we share are : how I am having a difficult time adjusting to this new enivornment, like trying to balance school,work and a social life. its also similar because i consider myself as...