Hemingway's Old Man in the Sea This essay conveys a little about the author and the main points of the book.

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A Book Analysis of Hemingway's Old Man in the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is a story of determination, friendship and also man's struggles with nature. Hemingway leads the reader though an interesting story of an old man and his will defeat nature. He also shares a story of friendship between young and old.

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. He was the second oldest of six children and grew up in a typical American family. "His mother encouraged Hemingway's marked impulse toward creativity, and his father provided an early grounding in nature lore and woodsmanship."("Hemingway"1). Hemingway's work shows both his mother and fathers influences.

Hemingway's career started when he did an editing job for his school newspaper. After high school Hemingway went on and became a reporter for a Kansas City newspaper called the Kansas Star. He stayed with this newspaper for only six months, when he then joined the war effort, of World War1.

In the war Hemingway was a dedicated ambulance driver.

Hemingway's days in the war were cut short when he suffered a bad knee injury and so he retreated to Michigan to read, write, and fish. Hemingway also lived in many European cities and traveled quite a bit. The experiences that he had traveling gave him many ideas for his stories. Finally he settled in Cuba were he passed away by suicide in 1961.

Hemingway's last novel was Old Man and the Sea. It was also one of his most famous novels. In this book the main character, an old Cuban fisherman named Santiago, is faced with bad luck and looked down on by the town's people. His only friend is a young boy named Manolin. After not catching any fish for eighty-four days...