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Henry Ford was known for mass producing cars and for the first time the average family had the chance to own one. Henry was born to the name Henry William Ford. His parents William and Mary Litigot Ford were married in 1862 waiting just one year to have Henry as their first born on July 30, 1863 in Springwells Michigan a suburb of Dearborn.

His childhood was an average for a farm boy. He went to a couple of different farm schools through out his boyhood. When he was not studying he working on the farm or reading one of his father's McGruffy Readers just for fun. Just like any boy he did not like to work on the farm, but instead of not doing it he did it while day dreaming of building a machine that would cut work time dramatically. For his birthday at the age of twelve he was given a watch.

It was not long after that he started to take it apart, study it, then put it back together. When people noticed how good a job he did on his own watch people gave him theirs to fix. One day when his father approached him and asked Henry why he was doing it for free he said, "Why should I charge when I enjoy doing it so much." He fixed watches until 17 when he left school and walked to Detroit to get a job at Michigan Car Works making repairs for $1.10 a day. He then received a apprenticing job at Dry Dock Engine Company where he was a natural at designing engines and repairing them. After mastering the machinists trade he went back home to go to a small business college for three months. At home he met and courted Clara Bryant a...