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Is it possible for two culture separated from each other by thousands of miles be influenced by one another. It seems so in the case of Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology. But how can they know about each other if they are so distant from each other? It is possible that the Viking civilization was exposed to Greek traditions and myths. During the time of when Viking era they did advance as far as the Caspian Sea during the years 780-1070A.D. This would give the Vikings plenty of time to be exposed to Greek influences. The Vikings aren't the only ones to be expanding. At the height of the Roman Empire, which literally stole every one of the Greek Myths, the Romans reached as far as Britain, which was not at all far from the Vikings. For these reasons one believes Norse Mythology took its ideas of Mythology from the Greeks.

The are many similarities between the two beliefs myths are similar as well as god and goddesses. After reading the following the idea of the Viking took ideas from the Greeks will be clearly evident.

Zeus was the ruler over all of the Greek gods. He was the son of Cronos and Rhea. He was the only one of his many brothers and sisters to survive to adulthood. His father was given a prophecy that one of his children would some day over throw him, with hearing this he took action and ate all of his children, all except for Zeus. Zeus' mother loved Zeus very much and didn't want his fate to be the same as his brothers and sisters, so she hide her son on the island of Crete where he was raised and reached adulthood. When he was old and strong enough returned to his...