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Hero Hero's play a major role in each individual's life. Also people who has done some heroic things acknowledges a hero. A hero can be any person who has done something to help ones life to be better. They're many definitions of a hero depending on ones perspective. Personally, I have many heroes in my life.

They are many heroes in my life, due to my appreciation for everything I have in life. Everyone who has played a major role in my life in my eyes is considered my hero. Whether it's giving me courage to go on or a penny I can consider a person a true hero. Hero's to me are people who help your life to be a little or a lot better.

It takes a lot to be a true hero. You put a lot on the line to worry about a person life and how to make it better.

To me there is only one true hero in my life.

God is my true hero for many reasons. When I feel there is no way out during bad times I can call on God to help me out. When I am lonely or confused and there is no one else to help me God is there. If it weren't because of God I probably would not be here today trying to make a great success. Even if a person gives me a hundred dollars it is because god wanted that person too. Everything happens for a reason whether it's good or bad. To me when bad things happens it is a test to see if you still have faith in god. To me faith in God is the answer to a good life. Due to faith in God you are most likely to come across...