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A hero is a man who performs an act that either saves someone's life or makes life better for someone. Usually a hero does not even know the person they are helping and does the deed out of the kindness of their heart. In literary works, there have been many heroes. In two particular works that I have read the heroes are heroes in two different ways. For instance in the story of Exodus, Moses is a hero. Moses is a hero to his people. He works so hard to get them freedom from slavery and uses all the power he has to overcome the faults. In addition, in Oedipus Rex, Oedipus is a hero in a different way. He is a hero because in the story an unknown wonderer kills the King. Oedipus wants to please his people and says that whoever did this horrible deed should be killed, not knowing at the time that he himself had committed the crime.

Both works are placed in different times but have similar goals. In Exodus Moses uses the power of being raised by Egyptians to save his own race from slavery. This may seem very sneaky and conniving to some but to others it is a very smart and clever idea. Moses asked the Pharaoh many times to let his people go but every time the Pharaoh hardened his heart. Moreover, after every time the Pharaoh hardened his heart the Lord sent some kind of plague. Whether it is frogs, lice, or illness the Lord tried to help Moses and his people. Moses worked very hard to help his people gain freedom and eventually the Pharaoh let his people leave. The Pharaoh changed his mind when his first-born son was killed, and he felt the sadness that all Moses people...